Yohan Min

The Arthur L. Irving Institute for Energy and Society, Irving 252, 8000 Hinman, Hanover, NH 03755 · Yohan.Min@dartmouth.edu

Postdoctoral Scholar

Thayer School of Engineering, Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH
August 2022 - Present

I am dedicated to advancing sustainable and resilient infrastructure planning and grid decarbonization. Leveraging over seven years of industry experience in oil drilling, renewable energy, and disaster recovery projects as well as expertise in data science, software development, and statistical modeling, I strive to enhance social equity and community resilience through interdisciplinary research.

At the neighborhood scale, I examine the optimal siting strategies for energy infrastructures, encompassing utility-scale power plants and distributed energy resources (DERs). At the individual scale, I investigate impact of policies, built environment, and peer effects on the deployment of DERs such as rooftop solar, electric vehicles, and heat pumps, and building energy efficiency. I also consider the coadoption impact on the grid and explore the application of virtual power plants (VPPs).

Promoting Social Equity

  • Science Communication Fellow, Pacific Science Center (PSC), Seattle, WA (2019 - 2022)
    Have demonstrated the benefits of clean energy through the concepts of diversification and decentralization by engaging with the public. [link]

  • Torrance Science Policy Analysis fellow, Washington State Academy of Science (WSAS), WA (2020 - 2021)
    Provided research and expert analysis of complex issues of “Energy Equity” faced by Washington. [link]

  • Project Member, Puerto Rico Solar Health Study Group, UW and Clean Energy Group, Puerto Rico (2018)
    Supported for research and field activities including installation of rooftop solar for disaster response and recovery in Puerto Rico after Hurricane, Maria.

    See media coverage in: University of Washington and Clean Energy Institute.

  • Infrastructure Officer, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Philippines (2016 - 2017)
    Supervised the implementation of activities to construct two sanitary landfills and materials recovery facilities, a vocational training center, a community evacuation center, and 55 units of resettlement housing for hurricane damage restoration. [link]

  • Student Leader, Purdue Boiler Out and Nataional Relief Network, Leesburg, FL (2013)
    Supported local communities for disaster response and recovery


University of Washington, Seattle, WA

PhD in the Built Environment (GPA: 3.84) [link]

Graduate Certificate in Demographic Methods, Center for Studies in Demography & Ecology (CSDE) [link]
Certificate in Social Statistics (PhD Track), Center for Statistics and the Social Sciences (CSSS) [link]
Dissertation: Clean Energy Justice: Clean Energy Access and Vulnerable Communities toward Just Energy Transition [link]

September 2017 - June 2022

Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN

Master of Science in Engineering (GPA: 3.78)

Interdisciplinary Engineering (emphasis in Civil & Industrial Engineering, 42 credits)
Field Research, Technical University of Denmark (DTU), Sisimiut, Greenland [pdf]
MBA Internship (Business Analytics), TVS motors, Hosur, India [pdf]

August 2012 - December 2013

Research Experience
  • “Effects of Renewable Energy Provisions of the Inflation Reduction Act on Technology Costs, Materials Demand, and Employment,” Bluegreen Alliance, U.S. 2023 [link]
  • “Energy Equity in Washington,” Washington State Academy of Science, WA, 2021 [link]
  • “Green Infrastructure with Gentrification and Displacement.” CREA, WA, 2020 [link]
  • “Evictions Study.” The eScience Institute, UW, WA 2019 [link]
  • “Prevention through Design for Installation Safety on Solar-Ready Houses.” CPWR, MD, 2018 [link]
  • “Energy & Climate Policy Database.” Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI), Seoul, Korea, 2015
  • “Energy Performance Analysis of Low-Energy House.” Arctic Technology Centre (ARTEK), Technical University of Denmark (DTU), Sisimiut, Greenland, 2013
  • “Warranty data analysis and modeling.” TVS Motor Company, Bangalore, India, 2013
  • “Drilling Operation Analysis.” Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering (DSME), Gulf of Mexico, 2011

  • Teaching Experience
  • Instructor, Digital Tools (CM 260), Construction Management Undergraduate, 28 students, Winter 2021 and 27 students, Spring 2021
  • Teaching Assistant (TA), Restoration Ecology Capstone (ESRM 462/463/464), Resource Management Undergraduate, 30 students, Autumn 2021, 30 students, Winter 2022, and 29 students, Spring 2022
  • TA, Research Design and Capstone Preparation (URBDP 512), Urban Planning Graduate, 32 students, Autumn 2020
  • TA, Urban and Regional Geospatial Analysis (URBDP 522), Urban Planning Graduate, 22 students, Winter 2020
  • TA, Risk Assessment and Business Continuity (IPM 508), Infrastructure Planning & Management Graduate, 30 students, Autumn 2019

  • Publications

    Peer-reviewed Journal

  • Min, Y. and Lee, H. W. (2024) “Quantifying clean energy justice: Impact of Solarize program on rooftop solar disparities in the Pacific Northwest.” Sustainable Cities and Society, 104, 105287. [link]
  • Min, Y. and Lee, H. W. (2024) “Adoption inequalities and causal relationship between electric vehicle chargers and heat pumps.” Special Collection on Advances in Sustainability in the Built Environment, Journal of Construction Engineering and Management, 150(5):04024025. [link]
  • Min, Y. and Mayfield, E. (2023) “Rooftop solar, electric vehicle, and heat pump adoption in rural areas in the United States.” Energy Research & Social Science, 105, 103292. [link] See media coverage in: CNET.
  • Min, Y. and Ko, I. (2023) “Shaping rooftop solar: Causal effects of place, people, and process through Bayesian inference.” Energy, 285, 129510. [link]
  • Min, Y., Lee, H. W., and Hurvitz, P. M. (2023) “Clean energy justice: Different adoption characteristics of underserved communities in rooftop solar and electric vehicle chargers in Seattle.” Energy Research & Social Science, 96, 102931. [link]
  • Min, Y. and Lee, H. W. (2023) “Characterization of vulnerable communities in terms of the benefits and burdens of the energy transition in Pacific Northwest cities.” Jounal of Cleaner Production, 135949. [link]
  • Shang, L., Dermisi, S., Choe, Y., Lee, H. W., and Min, Y. (2023) “Assessing the office building marketability before and after the implementation of energy benchmarking and disclosure policies - lessons learned from major US cities.” Sustainability, 15 (11). [link]
  • Tosado, G. A., Matos, M., Ahumada-Paras, M., Chapko, M. K., Pozzo, L. D. and the Puerto Rico Solar Health Study Group*(2021). “Evaluation of Solar-Powered Battery Systems for Individuals Using Electricity-Dependent Medical Devices in Puerto Rico Following Hurricane Maria.” Disaster Medicine and Public Health Preparedness, Cambridge University Press, 1–4. *member in the Puerto Rico Solar Health Study Group. [link]

    Manuscripts In Preparation

  • Min, Y., Brinkerink, M., Jenkins, J., and Mayfield, E. “Effects of Renewable Energy Provisions of the Inflation Reduction Act on Technology Costs and Deployment.”
  • Min, Y. “Passive peer effects of the adoption of clean energy technologies in urban built environments.”

    Peer-reviewed Conference

  • Min, Y., Lee, H. W., Bramono, N., and Mayfield, E. (2024) “Characteristics of early adopters and their followers of rooftop solar, electric vehicles, and heat pumps.” 76-85. American Society of Civil Engineers. [link]
  • Bramono, N., Burpee, H., Dermisi, S., Min, Y., and Lee, H. W. (2024) “Benchmarking Healthy Building Requirements in Mitigating Airborne Transmission Diseases such as COVID-19: Identifying the Gaps between Current Codes and Building Rating Tools” 769-779. American Society of Civil Engineers. [link]
  • Min, Y. and Lee, H. W. (2022). “Characterization of Energy Vulnerability in terms of Energy Resilience and Energy Dependence in Pacific Northwest Cities.” 2022 US-Korea Conference (UKC). [link]
  • Min, Y. (2021). “Idenfitying and Characterizing Vulnerable Communities in Energy Justice.” 2021 US-Korea Conference (UKC).
  • Min, Y. and Lee, H. W. (2020). “Social Equity of Clean Energy Policies in Electric-Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Systems.” 221–229. American Society of Civil Engineers. [link]

    Other Publications

  • Min, Y., Brinkerink, M., Jenkins, J., and Mayfield, E. (2023) “Effects of Renewable Energy Provisions of the Inflation Reduction Act on Technology Costs, Materials Demand, and Labor (Version 3).” [link] See media coverage in: The New York Times, Bluegreen Alliance, PV Magazine.
  • Lee, H. W., Gambatese, J., and Min, Y. (2020). “Prevention through Design (PtD) to Make Solar-Ready Houses Safe for Solar Workers.” Project Report. CPWR, Silver Spring, MD. [link]
  • Min, Y. and Mangal, A. (2018). “City of Tacoma Neighborhood and Workplace Electric Vehicle Charging Deployment.” Project Report. Livable City Year 2017–2018, WA. [link]

  • Presentations/ Talks

    Oral Presentations

  • “Characteristics of early adopters and their followers of rooftop solar, electric vehicles, and heat pumps.” CRC 2024, Des Moines, IA, Mar. 2024.
  • Invited Talk, “Setting the stage: Identifying interplays in energy inequities to achieve an equitable transition.” Annual Science Immersion Workshop for Journalists, Metcalf Institute, University of Rhode Island, Jun. 2023. [link]
  • Invited Talk, “Project performance measurement – budget and schedule.” ESRM 464, Restoration Ecology Capstone Guest Lecture, UW, WA, May. 2023.
  • Invited Talk, “Equitable adoption of clean energy technology for resilient communities.” Dartmouth Thayer Energy Club Seminar, Apr. 2023.
  • Invited Talk, “Adoption of Clean Energy Technologies and Energy Justice.” Seattle Department of Construction and Inspections (SDCI) Monthly Seminar Series, Feb. 2023.
  • Invited Talk, “Clean energy justice: Understanding clean energy access of communities in Pacific Northwest cities.” Global Network of Korean Building Technologists and Scientists Monthly Seminar Series, Sept. 2022.
  • “Characterization of energy vulnerability in terms of energy resilience and energy dependence in Pacific Northwest cities.” UKC, Washington DC, Aug. 2022.
  • Invited Talk, “Characterization of Energy Vulnerability in terms of Urban Administrative and Community Attributes in the Pacific Northwest Cities.” Climate Solutions Community of Practice, Seattle, WA, May. 2022.
  • “Idenfitying and characterizing vulnerable communities in energy justice.” UKC, Los Angeles, CA, Dec. 2021.
  • Invited Talk, “Clean Energy Justice.” Just Sustainabilities in a Post-Pandemic World Symposium, Seattle, WA, May. 2021.
  • Invited Talk, “Construction Operation Design and Simulation.” CM 260, Digital Tools Lecture, Seattle, WA, Nov. 2020.
  • “Social Equity of Clean Energy Policies in Electric-Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Systems.” CRC 2020, Tempe, AZ, Mar. 2020.
  • Invited Panel, “Working in an International Organization as an Infrastructure Officer.” 8th Global Environmental Leaders Program Homecoming Day hosted by Korea Environment Corporation (KECO), Seoul, Korea, Aug. 2016. [link]
  • Poster Presentations

  • "Social Equity of Clean Energy Policies in Electric-Vehicle Charging." Winter 2020 Lightning Talks, Center for Studies in Demography & Ecology (CSDE), WA, Mar. 2020.
  • “Social Equity of Clean Energy Policies in Residential Solar.” 2nd International Conference on Energy Research and Social Science, Tempe, AZ, May. 2019.

    PhD Coursework

    Decision Making & Statistics:

  • Markov Decision Processes IND E 599
  • Healthcare Modeling and Decision Making IND E 519
  • Financial Modeling for Real Estate RE 508
  • Computational Thinking PUBPOL 542
  • Analytical Methods in Transportation CET 584
  • Statistical Methods for Spatial Data STATA 554
  • Maximum Likelihood Methods for Social Sciences CSSS 510
  • Hierarchical Modeling for Social Sciences CSSS 560
  • Bayesian Statistics for Social Sciences CSSS 564

    Data Science:

  • Machine Learning for Finance CFRM 521
  • Financial Data Science CFRM 502
  • GIS (Geographic Information System) URBDP 504
  • Spatial Analysis of Real Estate and Housing Markets RE 597
  • Software Engineering for Molecular Data Scientists ChemE 546
  • Data Science Methods for Clean Energy Research ChemE 545
  • Data Science Capstone ChemE 547
  • Visual Analytics PUBPOL 543
  • Visualizing Data CSSS 569
  • Digital GeoHumanities GEOG 595

    Sustainable Infrastructure:

  • Infrastructure Planning and Finance URBDP 566
  • Transportation Energy and Sustainability CET 583
  • Sustainable Construction CM 540
  • Urban Science URBDP 591
  • Contemporary Built Environment BE 551
  • Theories of Knowledge and the Built Environment BE 552
  • Environmental Planning URBDP 598

    Population Studies:

  • Research Methods in Demography CSSS 533
  • Population Studies Seminar CSDE 501
  • Population Studies Proseminar CSDE 502
  • Demography & Society CSDE 513

    Master's Coursework

    Construction Engineering:

  • Advanced Project Management & Analysis CE59700
  • Analytic Method Design Construction CE52700
  • Building Control CE51401
  • Civil Engineering Project CE59700
  • Construction Business Management CE52100
  • Construction Project Control Systems CE52000
  • Statistic & Econometric Methods I CE61400

    Industrial Engineering:

  • Economic Decision Engineering IE54600
  • Engineering Economic Analysis IE54500
  • International Internship India MGMT59000
  • Introduction to Globalization & Engineering ENE55300
  • Introduction to Systems Engineering IE59000
  • Quality Control IE53000
  • Statistical Methods STAT51100
  • Systems Simulation IE58000

  • Experience

    Infrastructure Officer


    2 sanitary landfills and materials recovery facilities, 1 job training center, 1 community evacuation center, and 55 units of resettlement housing [pdf]

  • Collaborated on the development of construction implementation strategies and approaches to achieve project objectives.
  • Provided technical expertise in the creation and execution of detailed annual workplans, ensuring alignment with infrastructure goals and synergy with other project interventions.
  • Oversaw adherence to the workplan during infrastructure interventions, regularly reviewing the progress of infrastructure deliverables against targets and reporting to management and relevant stakeholders for appropriate action.
  • Contributed to the formulation of guidelines and selection criteria for engaging construction firms, consultants, civil society organizations (CSOs), and other service providers involved in infrastructure implementation.
  • Evaluated project proposals related to infrastructure development and presented recommendations to management for consideration and approval.
  • Monitored the implementation of infrastructure activities, identifying gaps, issues, and risks.

  • January 2016 - January 2017

    Energy Consultant

  • Supported energy team in the process of setting up energy and climate policy database, energy tools, energy training module, arranging documentation, referencing materials, capacity building.
  • Conducted research activities relevant to Energy Planning and Modelling Program, such as energy access, energy use, renewable energy targets, greenhouse gas emission reductions, and climate goals.
  • Supported building and maintaining collaborative relationships with multi-stakeholders such as GGGI country offices including potential partnering countries, development agencies, research institutions, and private sector working on other modeling techniques including globally integrated assessment models.
  • Supported delivering capacity-building workshops/conferences targeted to both internal and external audiences.

  • October 2015 - December 2015

    Management Assistant (Internship) on behalf of Korea Ministry of Foreign Affairs

  • Appointed to the position based on the agreement between the agency and the Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Evaluated research proposals from energy institutions, considering price, financial, and technical factors, and participated in bid openings.
  • Participated in and provided support for official events related to global energy issues, such as the IRENA Assembly (Jan. 16 to 18), World Future Energy Summit (Jan. 19 to 22), International Energy Workshop (Jun. 3 to 5), and IRENA Council (Jun. 10 to 11), sharing insights and opinions.
  • Developed a cost calculator for estimating outsourcing service costs.
  • Analyzed procurement performance from 2012 to 2014 to validate and plan procurement strategies.
  • Conducted market research to identify available and capable suppliers, and issued requests for information (RFI), requests for proposals (RFP), and requests for quotations (RFQ).

  • January 2015 - July 2015

    Project Control Manager/ Warranty Manager/ Project Scheduler

    Hanwha Ocean [formerly, Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering (DSME)], Geoje, Korea

    4 Transocean drillshps [ Discoverer Clear Leader (Chevron), Discoverer Americas (Statoil), Discoverer Inspiration (Chevron), and Discoverer Luanda (BP)], 1 Petroserv drillship [ Carolina (Petrobras)], and 1 Grupo R semi-submersible rig [ Bicentenario (Pemex)]

  • Established project setup, including communication procedures, site office arrangement, team organization, subcontractor management, review of contract specifications, progress S-curve, and level 3 schedule, drawing from past projects and lessons learned.
  • Collaborated with engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning, and quality departments to track project progress.
  • Conducted site visits to assess and analyze project advancement, provided reports to the client, and led weekly project meetings.
  • Initiated change order requests based on scope changes, assessing their impacts and estimating the associated work.
  • Resolved emergent issues during offshore trials and operations onboard in the Gulf of Mexico on behalf of the Project Management Team (PMT), expediting project delivery.
  • Orchestrated VIP site visits, leading a drillship tour and delivering an overview of the drillship's features and functionalities.

  • March 2008 - June 2013


    Military Police, Marine Corps (ROKMC), Korea
  • Engaged in military law enforcement and security duties at the Department of Defense headquarters.
  • February 2002 - March 2004


    Programming Languages & Tools
    • Spatial Analysis
    • Social Equity and Energy Justice
    • Spillover Effects
    • Technology Adoption

    Software Development
    • Min, Y. “Rooftop solar adoption in Vermont.” [link] [link]
      JavaScript. These interactive webpages display 3D and heat maps showcasing the progression of rooftop solar adoption in Vermont over the years.

    • Min, Y. “Energy vulnerability in the Pacific Northwest.” [link]
      R shinyapps. This interactive webpage shows diverse plots and maps of characterization of energy vulnerability in terms of various urban administrative and community characteristics in Pacific Northwest cities using linear, gamma, and lognormal mixed-effect models combined with a spatial lag term.

    • Min, Y. “demand.” [link]
      R library. This library creates diverse plots per day, weekday, month and year for peak demand power consumption of several meters to support a project, demand_acep, which was developed to make raw data of electricity consumption of 4 meters in Poker Flat Research Range (PFRR) ready to use for the further analyses. These plots lead to benefit-cost analyses and cost saving plots based on electricity rate structure from GVEA in Alaska.

    • Min, Y. Pathak, C., and Ademola-Idowu, A. “demand-acep.” [link]
      Python package. The project demand_acep aims to make sense of the data collected by power meters at some facilities at the Poker Flat Research Range (PFRR) managed by Alaska Center of Energy and Power (ACEP). The project resulted in an open-source Python 3 package, that implements a data pipeline for high resolution power meter data to easy access for data analytics and research.

    • Min, Y. Eggleton, E., Tao, K., and Ademola-Idowu, A. “Route Dynamics.” [link]
      Python package. The project visualizes the elevation changes for King County Metro bus routes.

    Data Science Workshops & Collaborations
    • US Research Software Sustainability Institute (URSSI) Winter School 2019, Seattle, WA [link]
      Implemented industry-leading methodologies for the development of research software, ensuring the utilization of best practices.

    • Geohackweek 2019, Seattle, WA [link]
      Acquired proficiency in open-source technologies for analyzing geospatial datasets and actively engaged in practical software development activities.

    • Project Management Professional, PMP®, Project Management Institute (PMI) (No.1475924)
    • 6th International Environmental Expert, Ministry of Environment, Korea (No.06-20)
    • Rescue SCUBA Diver, Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) (No.1508AT9131)
    • Lifeguard, Red Cross, Korea (No.2011-04-03-01163)
    • Judo Black Belt, Korea Judo Association, Korea (No.249195)

    • Demographic Study Trainee, Center for Studies in Demography and Ecology (CSDE), UW 2017 - 2022 [link]
    • “Accessing and Analyzing Census Data Using R,” Social Science Data Analysis Network (ssdan.net) 2021 [pdf]
    • “Introduction to Population Grids and their Integration with Remote Sensing Data for Sustainable Development and Disaster Management,” NASA’s Applied Remote Sensing Training Program (ARSET) 2021 [pdf]
    • Data Science Trainee, Data Intensive Research Enabling Clean Technologies (DIRECT), Clean Energy Institute (CEI), UW 2018 - 2019 [link]
    • “TA Conference,” Center for Teaching and Learning, UW 2017
    • “Financing and Investing in Infrastructure,” Università Bocconi 2016
    • “Municipal Solid Waste Management in Developing Countries,” École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) 2016
    • “Planning & Design of Sanitation Systems and Technologies,” École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) 2016
    • “Advanced Security In The Field,” United Nations Department of Safety and Security (UNDSS) 2016 [pdf]
    • “Basic Security In The Field II,” United Nations Department of Safety and Security (UNDSS) 2016 [pdf]


    Grants & Fellowships
    • Travel Grant for 2022 SEED (Scientists and Engineers Early Career Development) Workshop in Washington DC, Korean-American Scientists and Engineers Association (KSEA), US 2022
    • Travel Grant for 2021 SEED Workshop in Los Angeles, KSEA, US 2021
    • Inspire Fund ($5,000), "Investigating Energy Justice in Washington State in terms of Photovoltaic (PV) Systems and Electric Vehicle (EV) Chargers," College of Built Environments (CBE), University of Washington (UW), WA 2021 [link]
    • Torrance Science Policy Analysis Fellowship ($1,000), "Energy Equity." Washington State Academy of Science, WA 2020- 2021 [link]
    • Travel Grant for Construction Research Congress (CRC) conference ($1,000), CBE, UW, WA 2020
    • Clean Energy Institute Graduate Fellowship ($8,000), CEI, UW, WA 2019-2020 [link]
    • Travel Grant for Energy Research and Social Science (ERSS) conference ($1,000), CBE, UW, WA 2019
    • Graduate Fellowship ($19,000), CBE, UW, WA 2017 - 2018
    • Purdue - POSTECH Fellowship ($57,000), POSTECH, Purdue, IN 2012 - 2013 [pdf]

    Awards & Scholarships
    • Postdoctoral Scholar Professional Development Award, Dartmouth Center for the Advancement of Learning (DCAL), Dartmouth College, NH 2024
    • KSEA-KUSCO Graduate Scholarship, Korean-American Scientists and Engineers Association and Korea-U.S. Science Cooperation Center, U.S. 2022 [link]
    • Honorable Mentions, Renewable Energy Scholarship Foundation, Portland, OR 2022 [link]
    • Best Poster Award of the Winter 2020 Lightning Talks, "Social Equity of Clean Energy Policies in Electric-Vehicle Charging." Center for Studies in Demography & Ecology (CSDE), UW, WA 2020 [link]
    • Statira Biggs Scholarship ($2,000), UW, WA 2018
    • Energy Cooperation Sponsorship ($14,000) at International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Korea 2015
    • Professional Co-op Scholarship ($1,000), Purdue University, IN 2013
    • Appreciation Award, Carolina Drillship Project, Petroserv, Brazil 2011 [pdf]
    • Appreciation Award, volunteering as a Korean language and Safety instructor, DSME, Korea 2010
    • Award of Project Contribution, Discoverer Luanda Drillship Project, DSME, Korea 2010 [pdf]
    • Appreciation Award, Discoverer Luanda Drillship Project, Transocean, US 2009 [pdf]
    • Dean's Scholarships ($9,000), Ajou University, Korea 2005 - 2007
    • Annual Honor of the National Armed Forces Day, Marine Corps, Korea 2003 [pdf]
    • Award of excellent records, Hwajung High School, Korea 2000, perfect scores in math and science on the National SAT


    Academic & Professional Service
  • Journal Reviewer, 2022 - Present

    Nature Communications, Springer Nature
    Renewable Energy, Elsevier
    Energy Research & Social Science (ERSS), Elsevier
    Travel Behaviour and Society, Elsevier
    Energy Sources, Part B: Economics, Planning, and Policy, Taylor and Francis Ltd

  • Conference Moderator, Sustainability and Resilience Track, CI & CRC Joint Conference 2024, Construction Institute (CI) and Construction Research Congress (CRC), Des Moines, IA, 2024
  • Conference Paper Reviewer, CI & CRC Joint Conference 2024, 2023
  • Application Reviewer, PhD applications in the College of Built Environments, UW, 2020 - 2022
  • Volunteer, “Curiosity EXPO,” Pacific Science Center (PSC), Seattle, WA, 2020
  • Volunteer, “GridFWD 2019,” Grid Forward, Seattle, WA, 2019
  • Volunteer, “Energy Leadership Summit 2019,” Northwest Environmental Business Council (NEBC), Seattle, WA, 2019
  • Volunteer, “CleanTech Innovation Showcase 2019,” CleanTech Alliance, Seattle, WA, 2019
  • Conference Assistant, “World Future Energy Summit 2015,” Abu Dhabi, UAE, 2015
  • Conference Assistant, “International Energy Workshop 2015,” Abu Dhabi, UAE, 2015
  • Safety and Language Instructor for Foreign Employees, DSME, Geoje, Korea, 2009 - 2011 [photo]

  • Community Service
  • Science Communication Fellow, Pacific Science Center (PSC), Seattle, WA, 2019 - 2022 [link]
  • Facilitator, Foundation for International Understanding through Students (FIUTS), Seattle, WA, 2018 - 2019
  • Judo Coach, Leyte Sports Academy (LSA), Tacloban, Philippines, 2016 [photo]
  • Korean Language Instructor, Tacloban Methodist Church, Tacloban, Philippines, 2016
  • Sunday School Teacher, Dubai Korean Church, Dubai, UAE, 2015
  • Volunteer, Incheon Asian Game, Incheon, Korea, 2014
  • Judo Instructor, Purdue University, IN, 2012 - 2014 [photo]
  • International Student Volunteer (Boiler Out), Purdue University, IN, 2012 - 2014 [pdf]
  • Sunday School Teacher, Nanjing Korean Church, Nanjing, China, 2007
  • Assistant, Zion International Mission Community, Iloilo, Philippines, 2005 - 2006
  • Volunteer, Vitalise, Southport, UK, 2005

  • Professional Society Memberships
    • PMI, Project Management Institute
    • KSEA, Korean-American Scientists and Engineers Association
    • APA, American Planning Association
    • G-Net KBTS, Global Network of Korean Building Technologists and Scientists
    • APPAM, Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management