1 Executive Summary

This package creates diverse plots per day, weekday, month and year for peak demand power consumption of several meters to support a project, demand_acep, which was developed to make raw data of electricity consumption of 4 meters in Poker Flat Research Range (PRFR) ready to use for the further analyses. These plots lead to benefit-cost analyses and cost saving plots based on electricity rate structure from GVEA in Alaska.

Poker Flat Research Range (PFRR) is located about 40 miles North of Fairbanks, AK and serves as a sounding rocket launch facility and for other geophysical research activities. PFRR is operated by the University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF) under contract with NASA.

Rate schedule
Service Type Customer Charge [$/month] Utility Charge [$/kWh] Fuel & Purchased Power Charge [$/kWh] Demand Charge [$/kW]
Residential 17.5 0.11631 0.09207 0.00
GS-1 20.0 0.11528 0.09207 0.00
GS-2(S) 30.0 0.06256 0.09207 14.29
GS-2(P) 30.0 0.06256 0.09207 14.29
GS-3 295.0 0.02940 0.09207 22.86

In addition, this package forecasts peak power demand using ARIMA on a daily and monthly basis. Correlation and a simple regression are also included.

To use ths package, follow the steps:

  1. Install devtools
  1. Load the package
  1. Install this package demand
  1. Load the package

Now you are all set!

1.1 Brief description of demand charge using R package, demand

Using R package demand, peak demand, correlation, forecast, and demand charge were plotted. Refer to the followings for more details about demonstration of code from demand package and its results.

  • Peak demand plot for the 4 meters here and code

  • Peak demand correlation and forecasts here and code

  • Demand charge reduction by implementing a virtual meter here and code

View the project here.

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